In-Store Events

Peanut Butter Push

We are thrilled to announce that we are teaming up with the River Valley Regional Food Bank for Hunger Action Month! We are calling it the Peanut Butter Push as we ask our community to bring by nut butters of any kind, size, brand, etc. so that we may donate it to those in need. For every three jars you donate, your name will be entered into a drawing for a $50 True Grit Running Company gift card! We will begin taking up donations Sunday, September 1st and will announce the winner of the gift card September 30th.

Yoga for Runners

We are teaming up with Yogaterrium to bring you Yoga for Runners! Yoga can help runners achieve greater flexibility, build strength, decrease muscle stiffness, and aid in recovery. Yoga is a great option for cross-training and helping with injury prevention.

This class will include key poses for areas of the body that are most overused or prone to injury for runners.

We encourage you to bring your own mat. We will have some available for use, but cannot guarantee we will have enough to go around.

Please arrive ready to participate in class.

Classes usually take place the second and fourth Sunday of every month. If any changes occur, we will update our Facebook Event Pages.

We'll Take Your Old Sneakers!

Donate your old sneakers to us at our store’s location and we’ll give them to those in need!