To run with grit, you’ve got to have running shoes that are up for the challenge.  True Grit Running Company carries the right shoes for all your running needs!  Listed below are each of our shoe brands and what you need to know about them.
Brooks is a long-standing brand for runners.  While you can find some Brooks in “big box” stores, you will be limited to certain styles or colors.  Brooks supports the specialty running retailer by allowing local stores to carry their full line.  Brooks makes strictly running and walking shoes–they do not branch out to other sports.  They are a true running specialty shoe brand.
This is actually a brand most folks know from baseball or golf, but Mizuno has been making running shoes for decades.  They are known for their “Wave Technology.”  Each type of shoe has a different kind of wave plate–one for support (it stabilizes and guides the foot), one for feel (it evenly disperses the impact), and one for motion (maintains a consistent feel).  This is highly unique technology.
Altra’s claim to fame is the unique “footshape” (the wider toe box) of their shoes, as well as “zero drop.”  The “drop” of a shoe has recently become an important topic for runners.  Manufacturers used to not even report the drop of the shoe until recently, as more runners began asking for the information.  Zero drop means that the heel and forefoot are the same distance off the ground.  Most running shoes have a drop of about 10-12mm.  Most racing flats or speed shoes have drops of 5mm or less.  Altra also has highly cushioned shoes -another recent trend among runners.  This is our store’s most highly requested brand.
361 Degrees
This brand is relatively new to the U.S., but not to the rest of the world.  They outfitted the entire Olympic staff and volunteers as well as many athletes this year at the Rio Olympics.  They have a fantastic product with their “Quikfoam” technology.  It’s lightweight so it doesn’t make the shoe heavy or slow you down and is very well cushioned.  They have a spectacular stability shoe, the Strata, which is our number one seller for men.  We are excited to see this brand doing so well since it is new and many folks are hesitant to try something they aren’t familiar with.  361 Degrees also makes training shoes (for Crossfit type activities) and basketball shoes.
Newton is a highly-specialized brand out of Colorado.  You won’t find this brand in a “big box” type store.  What sets Newtons apart from other running shoes are the “lugs” found under the ball of the foot on the sole of the shoe.  These lugs are at the “point of power” and help propel you forward.  As one of our customers described it, “These shoes MAKE you run!”  Newton also touts a low-drop (5mm or less, typically), and the shoes are very lightweight.  Newton is also unique in that they make each shoe in only one color for each gender.  One.  And yes, they are bright.  It helps keeps things simple, and you can spot their shoes immediately!
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