If you come into a specialty store like ours, it’s common you’ll be asked a lot of questions, because that is how we find your perfect shoe. It can be overwhelming, especially if you feel unprepared. So, here are four questions to consider before purchasing your next running/walking shoe.

  1. What’s your shoe size?
    1. The key to the perfect shoe size is a finger tip’s width between the end of the toe and the end of the shoe. The reason for this is, if you plan to be running, walking, or standing for long periods of time in this shoe, your feet are going to slightly swell. It’s completely natural. We want to be sure to give you the room you need to keep the shoe from squeezing your toes by the end of a long day! So take a look at your shoe size, let us know that size when you come in, and don’t be surprised if we measure your foot and decide to go a size up or perhaps even down. We only want to ensure what’s best for you.
  2. What will you be doing in the shoe?
    1. Walking, running, crossfit, trails, standing on hard floors all day? This is important in deciding the perfect shoe for you. Most running shoes are great for all mentioned above, however some are better than others for specific things. So think: what’s an average day in these potential shoes look like for me? And we will go from there.
  3. Do you have any foot related medical issues we should know about?
    1. Plantar fasciitis, bunions, diabetes, previous foot surgeries, specially designed/doctor prescribed insoles? Not only do we offer shoes that can help these issues, but we also have tools for specific foot/leg pains and can even recommend excellent local podiatrists and massage therapists to you.
  4. And finally, what is most comfortable to YOU?
    1. Maybe your friend loves their Hoka Cliftons because of their high marshmallowy cushion. Perhaps your sister ran a marathon in Brooks Ghosts and raved about them. Say your significant other doesn’t want you to get a certain color because of whatever reason. We are here to say IGNORE THEM. We pick out shoes for you, with experience and knowledge that these could be exactly what you need. However, we still offer options with different looks, price ranges, cushion levels, arch support, etc. so that you and your feet can decide for yourself what feels best. We always encourage you to walk around and even run in the shoe and pick what feels most natural. Don’t pay attention to what anyone else thinks. Simply pick the best option for YOU.

Now that you’ve thought about these questions and feel more prepared, you can come on in or make an appointment at https://truegritrunningco.com/about-us/ . Let us help you find that True Grit fit.