Winter weather

If the weather isn’t looking too good on Monday, we’ll post on our social media pages and our website whether we plan to open or not. Stay warm and stay safe these next few days!
Avoiding Burnout

Avoiding Burnout

Written By: Melissa Vitale Burnout.  It’s an unfortunate reality at work, school, and also in exercise.  Burnout from any of these can have a profound impact on your mental and physical health, so let’s take a look at ways to prevent burnout. First, let’s...

Valentine’s Group run

We are hosting a Valentine’s Group Run on Thursday, February 11th at 6:00 pm. There will be treats, water, and beers served after the run! Walkers welcome as well, so bring your loved ones for some free quality time.

Running in Cold Weather

Written By: Melissa Vitale Running. Just the sport itself is a challenge. But, like anything else, there are added challenges withinthe sport that make it, well…more challenging. For example, running in cold weather.Maybe you started running this year because you...

Sip, Sip, Hooray

What are your goals for 2021 and how do you plan on achieving them?Join us on January 9th at 3:00 pm for champagne/sparkling cider and snacks as we create a treasure map for reaching your goals in 2021!We will have you anonymously write down your goals and put them in...