Everyone has to start somewhere and we here at TGRC understand that undoubtedly. It’s not easy taking that first step. There will be times throughout the beginning of your journey where you will make some mistakes and you may begin to feel overwhelmed. Don’t panic! It’s a learning process that we’ve all been through. To help you get started on this fitness journey, here are some tips from our very own staff:

“Buy a good pair of running shoes! Also start watching what you eat. That can make a big difference!” -Lorri

“Don’t be intimidated to join a walking/running group; we have a great inclusive walking/running community! There are groups that will fit into your schedule and your pace, whatever it is. Like TGRC group runs! Join groups when you can. Mix and match! Also, slow down on the sodas and drink water, water, water!” -Debbie 

“1. It’s okay to get comfortable with a shorter distance before tackling something longer. 2. Eat. Your body needs fuel.” -Tiffany 

“Don’t waste time and energy worrying about what other people think. (This is also just great general advice about life.). NO ONE CARES. Honestly. Other people are too busy thinking about themselves to worry about what you’re doing. And if someone does make a comment, you’ll be leaving them in your dust soon enough. You’re the one showing your chutzpah… they’re hiding behind judgments and negativity. Keep moving forward. They’ll be asking you later how you did it.” -Melissa 

“Warm up and stretch very well.” -Wayne 

“Run your race and be proud of yourself for accomplishing more than a ton of other people.” -Andrew

“My advice would be to take it slow in the beginning instead of trying to run fast. Work on building up endurance and being able to run for certain periods of time (Ex: if you’re just starting out, set a goal of trying to run/jog for 15 minutes without having to walk). Set reasonable goals to start out so you can see progression! Also, mindset is key. If you’re afraid of how other people will perceive you, you won’t get anywhere. Everyone was a beginner at some point.” -Will

“Figure out your ‘why’ and get as specific as possible. You’ll need a detailed vision on why you are wanting to go on this journey to begin with. It will help keep you inspired and stay on track with your goals, especially on those days when you feel like it’s not possible. The human body is capable of amazing things, but none of that is feasible without mental strength. Also, non-cotton socks ALWAYS. Cotton causes discomfort and even blisters on your feet.” -Tulsa

“Invest in the right pair of running shoes for your specific gait and don’t forget to cross train.” -Cheryl

Now go out there and get started on your journey! Have questions or want to learn more? Stop by our store at 6808 Rogers Ave, Suite B, Fort Smith, AR 72903.